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Welcome to Yummy DinDins!

After much thought & consideration, I figured what the world desperately needed right now is another food blog. So here it is it all it’s glory. May it bring peace to the earth and unite us all.

Welcome to Yummy Dindins, a website dedicated to food, families and more importantly, feeding! It’s early days yet, but I do look forward to filling this site up with recipes, opinion and tips about preparing food and feeding families in general. From weaning infants to packing lunch boxes, birthday parties to dinner parties, I’ll cover it all… eventually!

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The Dahl Diaries

Dalh. It’s cheap, it’s easy to cook, it’s good for you and it’s full of potential flavour wise. (In other words, it need’s alot of help). Cue whole spices in hot oil, ginger garlic paste, a good dose of asafoetida and salt, and that’s just for starters. You traditionally finish dalh with […]

Leftover rice & chicken with a not so simple, but reasonably quick and totally awesome curry sauce.
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Curry in a Hurry

Curry, it’s one of the greatest meals on planet earth. I’ve been making curries for years, all different kinds. This particular type I often make for my family. It contains garlic-ginger-onion paste, freshly ground spices, no chilli (not that I don’t sly a bit of chilli into their meals occasionally), tomato […]



Weaning eh! Introducing nippers to the glorious world of actual food and watching their little faces light up with each spoon of puree. They all say wait 6 months before you start weaning, but you can start earlier, it’s true. Yes, baby’s gut is still developing but it’s perfectly able to metabolize […]


Making Recipes Your Own

So, I’m pawning off a load of recipes as my own creations, are they really mine you may ask? What constitutes an original recipe? How much do you have to change a recipe before you can call it your own? All good questions. Well, not much in my book. As […]

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Noodle Issues

Eating our noodles the other evening, neither of my boys we digging it that much. As usual, I’m deliberately not paying them too much attention but feeding them the odd line like, “Mmm mine is really tasty how’s yours?” or “Look I’m drinking mine like soup!”. They got half way […]